Marketing Strategy


  • Increased sales and customer base

  • Enhanced brand image

  • Effective introduction of new products/services

  • Strengthened focus on existing product lines

  • Executing various activities, including campaigns, social media marketing, graphic design, email marketing, web development, SEO, events, etc.


  • Company's product/services Study

  • Analysis of different circumstances

  • Defining the general strategy

  • Determination of marketing activities

  • Strategy implementation and its control

  • Evaluation of results

Video Content


  • Creating content that is user-friendly and immediately perceptible

  • Delivering the company's messages more memorably and effectively


  • Meeting with the customer to define the video type and content

  • Formulating the voiceover text

  • Writing the script and obtaining customer approval

  • Filming/ editing / working on scenes

  • Sound recording

  • We are presenting the video to the customer and making changes if desired



  • Establishing a distinctive visual identity

  • Setting the product apart by achieving outstanding performance

  • Creating a modern and relevant brand for the company in society

  • Establishing a close connection with customers

  • The product expresses its owner's identity


  • Creating a new brand and promoting it

  • Increasing awareness of the existing brand

  • Developing a branding strategy

  • Crafting a brand book

  • Brainstorming a name/logo

Email Marketing


  • For the product or service's audience, ensuring they are informed about news or offers

  • Analyzing user responses to a specific offer, including the number of recipients, email opens, link clicks, and opt-outs

  • Segmenting user lists into distinct categories and predefining the target audience accordingly


  • To either select an existing base or create one if needed

  • Graphic design

  • Copyright

  • Organization of sending content

  • Reporting

Google Ads


  • Placing advertising banners on the Google search engine to attract people who are already searching for the company's product or service


  • Strategy development

  • Keyword analysis

  • Copyright

  • Advertising

  • Reporting

Social Media Marketing


  • Establishment of the brand's unique story

  • Creation of new associations about the company and its activities

  • Increased brand awareness in society

  • Development of the company's distinctive identity

  • Expansion of the audience size and relevance, fostering close communication

  • Direct online store presence on the company's page

  • Maximizing sales and promoting business growth


  • Strategy development

  • To create a concept

  • Graphic design

  • Copywriter

  • Communication with the customer

  • Production of advertising

  • Monthly reporting

Online Shop


  • Creating an easy-to-use platform adapted to the user

  • Designing a sophisticated and attractive interface that provides people with comfort while shopping for the company's products from home


  • Studying the company's products

  • Developing a custom system

  • Addressing technical and visual aspects

  • Connection of the installment system (if desired)

  • Monitoring the operation of the service and ensuring control

Graphic Design


  • Effectively and attractively packaging and delivering the company/brand values and objectives to the public

  • Increasing brand awareness through uniquely designed elements


  • Getting to know the company

  • Reviewing the brief

  • Studying the visual style of competing companies

  • Defining the style and analyzing the existing visual style

  • Developing the concept (idea, colors, style, font)

  • Visualizing the approved concept

  • Discussing the visuals produced

  • Presenting the final option to the customer

SEO/Google Ads


  • Providing voice access to users who have already expressed their interest in the product type produced by the company

  • Finding the website at the top of search results

  • * Enhancing Content Effectiveness and Increasing Visibility

  • Increasing awareness


  • Web page analysis, how much UserFriendly site

  • Off Site SEO analysis

  • Keyword analysis

  • Analysis of competitors

  • Analysis of internal and external links

  • Technical SEO optimization

  • Creating SEO-friendly content

  • Monthly statistics and reporting


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